Dealing with the to-do list…

There are 101 things to do when preparing for a Kickstarter campaign, and it seems I still have to do most of them… I’m running my games company in my spare time, so I try to snatch early morning and late-night opportunities to plough through the to-do list. Let’s have a look at where it’s at:

  • Make a video for the Kickstarter page. This video is a crucial selling piece so it needs to be perfect! I’ve been learning how to use Blender in order to add a 3D element to the video
  • Finish graphics for the Kickstarter page. I’ve made a good start on these, maybe I’m 80% done
  • Create supplementary play-through films for the Kickstarter page. I picture animated GIFs showing some elements of the game in action
  • Get final quotes back from potential publishers. I have a quote from one publisher but a few more are expected to get back to me soon. And this leads to the next point…
  • Set a price for the game! I have a good feeling I know what it will be, but it does depend on the cost price
  • Decide upon stretch goals, if any
  • Decide upon add-ons
  • Wait for more playtester feedback and consider their input
  • Wait for reviews to come in, then work out how to best utilise them
  • Finish graphics for the game itself. Mostly done but I imagine there will be changes. Perhaps this comes after the campaign ends
  • Continue to be visible on social media – Facebook, Twitter…but what about Instagram & TikTok?
  • Update the look on Tabletopia

That’s all I can think of for now, but I will have missed things out for sure!

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