Beefing up solo mode

Solo mode is a crucial part of Race For The Title so it’s important that it’s challenging and variable. After some recent feedback and playtesting, the solo mode in Race For The Title is going through some changes. Read on to find out more!

Original solo mode has you pitching your wits against one team. You start with a handful of reserve players, a stadium and low-value income cards. The…bot starts with all the youth players and all the players from the bot’s team. So you are in a much weaker position than the bot in the early rounds of the game but as the rounds pass and your income grows, your squad strength catches up and allows you to make a late dash for the title.

All is good. Except building a defensive team would often beat the bot because the bot always plays a match against you. So things have changed:

  • the bot no longer automatically plays a match. If the bot cannot win a match, they choose not to play
  • the bot’s hand of cards is now improved at every ten-point mark because they shed one youth player at those markers. This concentrates the quality in their deck and means you’ll be up against their club players more frequently.

On top of these general rules, there are now team-specific skills for advanced play in solo mode. Each team has been given a fiendish characteristic in order to give solo mode greater variety and be more challenging to defeat:

  • Racing’s youth players are +1 for defence
  • Dynamo only start with 16 youth players
  • United reduce your income by 1 every hand
  • Sporting’s attack dice always gets +1

And these changes come at a time when the multiplayer game is also getting some advanced tweaks. Look out for news soon!

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