Squeaky bum time

I’ve just added some ‘squeaky bum time’ to Race For The Title! I think it was Alex Ferguson who coined the phrase, and did so in relation to the closing stages of the season. If a team can navigate squeaky bum time well then they can end up as champions. That’s the same in Race For The Title. How? Read on…

When players move into the late game, occasionally they can have attack/defence differences much bigger than 6, rendering the dice roll futile. To cut back on this phenomenon, when a team enters the final stretch of the campaign (i.e. when they have 51 points or more), they and their opponent both roll two dice when they play a match. This obviously changes the swing difference from 5 to 11, meaning that powerhouse team line-ups stand a stronger possibility of defeat.

Now, if only I could work out a way to incorporate the Keegan “I’d love it if we could beat them!” speech…!

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