The post has arrived

An exciting day today for two reasons:
1. I’ve started this blog
2. Something fun arrived in the post

We’ll start on the latter item. A bunch of prototypes for Race For The Title are currently being produced and I expect to receive them soon. In preparation for that I’ve had a local printer print out the rule leaflet and league ladder. They arrived today and I was really happy to see them! Both have printed really well, as you can see in the video below.

No doubt there will be changes made tothese before the final production run but the mere fact there are hard copies of Race items in the world makes me feel like this is actually happening now!

The blog

Ok, to the first point – the creation of this blog. I decided it would be a fun thing to chart the creation of the game right here on the website, and a blog is the best way to do just that. So you can expect to see posts about every new step along the way to making Race a reality, as well as a few reflective pieces on what’s happened so far. If that sounds like your sort of thing, be sure to log in once in a while to find out what’s happening!

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