Gather your friends and prepare for some football action!

Race For The Title is the new 1-4 player deck building football card game that will have you celebrating big transfers and league titles

…all while sitting around the kitchen table with your mates!

Please note: Race For The Title is currently unavailable to purchase.
We are making plans to make Race available once more.
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Take on your friends

Race For The Title is a social experience. Gather your football-loving mates and prepare for 60-90 minutes of pure football joy!

Build a team; grow a club

You’ll need to manage that delicate balance between growing your club’s income and developing your playing squad. Choose your path carefully as you work your way through the season.

Unique game design

Race For The Title combines a strong football theme with the best elements of award-winning deck building games. No two games are ever the same; you’ll find yourself coming back for more every single time!

You can play it solo

Extend the life of your game by playing solo too! The solo mode is challenging but not impossible to beat.


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